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Positive Parenting is the best advantage any child can have

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Huntington Library

Parent Toddler Q & A

March 10th 915-1030 am

Brentwood Library

From Control to Cooperation

Series Workshop

March 7th 530-630pm

March 16th 1030-1130am

March 21st 630-730pm


Mastics Moriches Shirley

Community Library

From Control to Cooperation

Series Workshop

March 8th 1000-1115am

March 15th 1000-1115am

March 22nd 1000-1115am

Parents Toddlers Q & A

March 24th 930-1030am

Half Hollow Hills Library

Start A Conversation;Save A Life

March 7th 7-8pm

Parent Toddler Q &A

April 14th 10-11am


Every word, facial expression, gesture, or action on the part of a parent gives the child some message about self-worth.  It is a shame that so many parents don't realize what messages they are sending. Virginia Satir- "Mother of Family Therapy"

Parenting Isn't

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Effective Discipline Tools

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"Dimitrios is a father, a teacher, a coach, and a voice of reason.  He has used every valuable experience in his entire life to become a resource for parents and children who are struggling to gain control back in their family dynamic. He is down to earth and direct in his teaching approach.; he coaches each individual personally and as a part of Team Family."
-George Contos 
Author "Growing Up Metric", Speaker, CEO

World Wide Metric, and Dad 

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​​​​​Positive Parenting Advantage

"Is a parenting program that is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and tools for effective discipline to inspire parents into another way of raising children that is free from "blame, shame, or pain."  The Positive Parenting Advantage program combines various powerful philosophies to support families by educating, re-training, and coaching.. Parents get the help they need to make permanent positive changes for outstanding results. Positive Parenting Advantage is founded on an approach that is Positive, Effective, builds Awareness, identifies and strengthens Capabilities, and is Encouraging for parents and children."

-Dimitrios Giouzepis

Positive Parenting Advantage

​​​​​"With a good word many have encouraged some fellow and did something to him that he did it differently and better than he would otherwise. And through him somebody else was saved. How much we contribute to each other, how powerful we each are-and don’t know it.” ― Rudolf Dreikurs  ("Children: The Challenge")

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​​What  do we want for our children?  We all want the best for our children, right?  Don't we strive to give our kids any advantage so that they come out ahead in life in  any way that they can?  Of course we do!  Parenting is the most rewarding and challenging role a person could ever have. Positive and Effective Parenting makes the journey safer, and happier by building better relationships, because better relationships means better behavior.  Effective Parenting isn't about being a "perfect parent".  It's about having a set of tools to give you the choices to maneuver, the sometimes complicated role we play as parents.  That's how we give our kids the best advantage any child can have.  By having the option of better CHOICES.