"I want to appreciate you without judging.  Join you without invading. Invite you without demanding. Leave you without guilt."

                                                                  Virginia Satir



"Dimitrios is the real deal!  Dimitrios provided very helpful behavioral coaching for us and our son, making sure that we responded constructively to challenges, made time for our son, didn't stoop to his level when there were disagreements, and remained encouraging and consistent.  We took notes on what he told us, we recommended him to friends, and we pleaded with him to come back for refreshers as questions as parenting challenges arose over time.  I can't recommend him enough, and the broader the challenge the better!"
Jed Freedlander

What are parents saying:

"I was having a difficult time with my son.  He was chronically disobedient at home and was getting in trouble regularly at school.  My husband and I were yelling all the time and out of patience.  A friend referred us to Dimitrios. He empowered us with a tool box to strategically respond to my son's difficult behaviors.  Each week there was an improvement!! I use these tools everyday. There is a lot less yelling and a lot more harmony!"
Lisa Chibis-Tapper

"​​Dimitrios is an AMAZING parenting coach and super at what he does!  He is incredibly understanding and made us feel like he is totally devoted and focused on our family, and our concerns as parents.  Dimitrios' knowledge and experience gave my wife and I the confidence to try his suggestions.  He was so supportive and coached us by encouragement just like he was showing us to do with our kids.  Putting his fresh ideas into use made our family life so much more pleasant and calm. We learned so many tools. The challenges we were facing have gone now. His contribution to our family has been priceless. Working with this man is the best thing we ever did as parents.  I would highly recommend his 7-week program to any parent facing difficulties with their children.  Dimitrios was a God-send!!'

Evans McCready

"I cannot thank Dimitrios enough for all the help and support he has given to our family.  His approach for helping us to discipline and teach our two children through positive attitude and encouragement not only has greatly increased their self-esteem but has helped keep our busy lives manageable and much more enjoyable.    

Amilia Giannikouris

Mr. Dimitrios Giouzepis has been our parenting coach for the last six-months.  From the first session my husband and I learned how to make every family moment count.  We were shown how to build our children's character and esteem, how to encourage our children, and how to change the way we were dealing with our kids misbehavior. Once we started doing what Dimitrios was advising us to do, our kids started thriving academically and the pressure was off of my husband and I.  Dimitrios' tips were simple and direct.  Thanks to his assistance the behavioral problems we were having changed in no time. The changes have been remarkable!  I was also concerned with how my husband would take someone else telling us how to raise our kids, but Dimitrios really developed a great relationship with my husband from the first day which made it much easier on me to do the things he was telling us.  My husband told me "Dimitrios is a guy and a dad; he just gets it. " We aren't yelling at our kids anymore and that makes everyone happier.  They also really like the family meetings Dimitrios showed us how to use because they get to have a vote in what happens as a family. Working with Dimitrios really brought my family together.  We are so thankful to Mr. Giouzepis for all he has done.

Evelyn Atriadou​​

​Call: 347-392-8070

The positive parenting advantage course has provided me with tools and strategies to better communicate with my children.  Rather than repeatedly telling them what to do, through the techniques I learned, I now can enlist their participation to actively solve problems that arise. It has made our household more peaceful while my children are developing the characteristics and life skills I would like fot them to have in the future.  My husband and I took one of his courses and have been getting great results.
Leslie Chaikin

                                            About Dimitrios Giouzepis

Dimitrios Giouzepis has been training parents to use positive effective parenting practices for almost two decades through speeches, workshops, programs, and individualized training.  Dimitrios helps parents explore another way of raising children by impressing awareness, teaching new empowering beliefs, and effective parenting strategies, where parents come to understand their children’s misbehavior, correcting it for good without ordering, demanding, or punishing.  Parents learn to use encouragement to build up their children's capabilities, giving kids the significance and belonging they really need.  Inappropriate attention getting behaviors, power struggles, frustration, anger, and helplessness become a thing of the past.  He provides support to families in English, Spanish, or Greek, in-person, by phone, or internet.

Dimitrios is a loving and compassionate dad and husband, a true family man at heart, personally and professionally invested in sharing another way of parenting, and restoring the balance of mutual respect to the relationships between parents and children.  He has amassed a very diverse background of valuable knowledge and experience in communication and language, child development, coaching, and personal development, to successfully guide parents into a whole new joyful world of resourceful and effective positive parenting.  

Dimitrios earned his Bachelor of Arts from Saint John’s University in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, Minoring in Education.  He is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Master Coach, Certified Hypnotist (Adv.), and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.  He is also a Speaker, Presenter, and Author of the Positive Parenting Advantage Blog, as well as a Supervisor and Director in the NYS Early Intervention Program. 

Contact Dimitrios Giouzepis at positiveparentingadvantage@gmail.com for information and services. 

"Positive Parenting Advantage is an absolutely amazing program.  This is a course that will change your life and grow the connection you have with your children.  For me, after hearing Dimitrios speak at a workshop, it was a no-brainer.  The most important thing to me is the relationship with my daughter. Dimitrios has shown me that when we change ourselves it can can build a much stronger relationship with our children.  Dimitrios is a true, genuine Parent Coach.  He takes the time to get to know his clients, and his passion to help the parent child relationship is apparent from the first day.  While working with him I realized how truly genuine he is in the services he provides.  His vast knowledge and experience guided me to help teach, shape, and transform me.  I'm so grateful to have taken this course.  I have learned so many amazing techniques that I can take with me for the rest of my life! I strongly recommend taking a parenting class with Dimitrios from Positive Parenting Advantage.  Becoming the best parent I can be is the best gift that I can give my child. Thank You Dimitrios!"

Ryan Wood  

"When I first heard about the Positive Parenting Workshop Dimitrios was offering through the local YMCA, I was intrigued.  I wondered what this was about. Was this for me to learn how to be a parent?  I thought, I have three boys ages 6, 4, and 2.  I have been a parent for 6 years and I must know what I am doing right?  Well, I signed up anyway figuring maybe I'll learn something new.  Let me tell you, not only did I learn so much that first day, but WOW, I decided that I should really take the 7-Week Class. What an eye opening positive experience this workshop has been from day one!  Dimitrios did role-playing with us (the parents in class), took hia time to explain different principles, gave us a book full of useful handouts, kept checking in with us every week to see how thikngs are gouing in the household, and was available even at night to provide support when I needed it.  I was able to connect with other parents by sharing and relating while Dimitrios gave us guidance for whatever we were facing at home.  His passion and dedication for his work comes through in every word, every action, every conversation.  I highly recommend any parent, grandparent, or caregiver to take this class.  It will definitely be an eye opening experience; you will never parent the same way.  You will look at your child's behaviors in a very different way. The transformations in your children and yourself are astounding from day one!.  You will have a much calmer, happier household. What a tremendous difference this workshop, class, and meeting Dimitrios has made in my life, and for me personally.  He really cares, offers assistance readily, and is always open for questions, or to talk about situations.  All the tools, the way you learn to understand misbehavior, becoming the best role model you can be for your kids, and for yourself!! I highly recommend his workshops and working with Dimitrios." 

Karen Trachtenburg

About Positive Parenting Advantage

Positive Parenting Advantage is a parenting program that is committed to providing parents with awareness, training, and coaching, dedicated to supporting and inspiring parents to raise children free of "blame, shame, and pain" (Nelson, & Lott, 2013 Positive Discipline); discouragement, negativity, or punishment.  Parents will learn by a methodology that is free from punitive beliefs or practices, and permissiveness.  It is mutually respectful, kind and firm, and focuses on the long-term outcomes we hope to develop in our children.  Dimitrios works with parents of children from toddlers to teens.  The techniques are useful today and "tomorrow", rather than for the short term because they foster better relationships, and result in better behaviors.   Positive Parenting Advantage helps guide parents into a new awareness of themselves, their beliefs, their children's misbehavior, hidden messages of behavior, and what specifically to do about it.  Parents are equipped with new resourceful, empowering skills to encourage their children to develop crucial life skills and characteristics like responsible decision-making, respectful problem-solving, self-regulation, self-discipline, self-awareness, cooperation and much more.