"a child needs encouragement, as a plant needs water."    

                             Rudolf Dreikurs

"Many people think that discipline is the essence of parenting.  But that isn't parenting.  Parenting is not telling your child what to do when he or she misbehaves. Parenting is providing the conditions in which a child can realize his or her full human potential."

Gordon Neufeld

Positive Parenting Advantage offers various different services that help parents. All services are live, whether Dimitrios

visits on location, by phone or by internet.  Dimitrios works with parents through:

  • A. R. C.- Awareness, Re-Training, Coaching Programs (in-person, via phone, or web)
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Some Single Focus Topics for Workshops, or Classes

               Power Struggles & Tantrums                                 
               Attention Seeking Behaviors                                 
               Sibling Rivalry/Fighting                          
               Whining & Backtalk
               Lack of Motivation, Anxiety                                                    
               Car Hassles, Public Meltdowns                                                                 
               Screen Time                              
               Communication Challenges                                   

               Aggression, Anger                                                
               Morning Hassles, Bedtime Hassles                
               Difficulty Completing Chores                              
               Picky Eating, Bed time Struggles

               Lying, Sneaking, Stealing                                                                


  • Specialized Classes-

               Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching (Limiting Beliefs, Phobias,  


               Holistic Nutrition



  • Parenting Parties

One to One Consultation

All programs begin with a valuable 45-minute personalized consultation parenting session.  Have a detailed conversation in-person, by phone, or web, with Dimitrios, to talk about your concerns and determine what you want for your children.  Figure out where

you are and the direction you want to go with your family.  On this call Dimitrios will help you identify what challenges you

want to address specifically, help you set attainable goals to reach in the coming weeks, and get started right away.   Things will already start to change after this call.

The One to One/Family & Series/Group Classes and Programs are described below:

  • one visit or call for 60-minutes per week for the duration of the program
  • informative and insightful worksheets and a complimentary Positive Parenting Advantage binder to stay organized for this     to be a resourceful reference book for you in the future 
  • weekly checkups to "take inventory" of what is or isn't working.  No one parenting strategy is meant to correct every challenge, so it's important to keep track.  Whether it's a matter of tweaking, or applying a different game plan, Dimitrios ​    will teach you to stay proactive and aware. Parents learn what tools to pull of the tool belt, and when to use them.
  • Collection of Parenting Tools empowering folks to parent with more choices and enjoy their kids more.
  • You will also receive free access to any workshops being offered from the date you begin your program.
  • Unlimited Texts throughout the week to help keep you ahead of the game and on track.
  • Flexible option of phone or in-person sessions


Workshops are a fun, interactive, and an enlightening way of learning something new about a range of different topics.  Parents

feel welcomed, safe, involved, and engaged.  The Workshops are full of experiential role playing activities, discussions, and active participation that equips the audience with real tools to take home the same day and use right away with success.  Parents can

expect to get involved and begin getting into the child's world by discovering what kids are really thinking, feeling and deciding based on their parenting styles.  Parenting Workshops also offer participants the opportunity to connect with others who are having similar challenges.  Parents quickly develop supportive relationships that last long after the workshop is over.

Workshops are offered as: 

          60-minutes, 90-minutes, or 120 minutes Workshops

          One-day Workshops (ie. 9-5) 

          4-Hours/ 1/2 day Workshops

Parenting Party

Sponsor a parenting party by inviting friends and family to your home where Dimitrios will offer a one-hour presentation that

includes information about Positive Discipline, two-experiential role playing activities of pre-selected important topics with strategies

to take home, and a short 10-minute question and answer session.  As the sponsoring parent, you will receive one free personal One

to One session with Dimitrios added to your program, and the sponsoring parent can give an additional free session to any

participant of the party.

For More Information About Any Programs, Workshops, Topics, or Specialized Coaching, Contact Dimitrios, By Phone, or Email


Sorry, no refunds after 30 days of purchase.  Transfer though is available.  All packages expire within one year of purchase.

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